Health & Safety
Silver Birch Contracting Ltd. (SBC) and its senior management team is committed to providing a safe work environment for all workers, including employees, subcontractors, consultants, owners, and visitors to our sites and offices.

SBC and its senior management team is committed to develop, maintain, review and improve its policies and procedures to ensure that a safe work environment and a work environment that promotes occupational health is provided for all parties.
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It is the Health & Safety policy of this company to:

•Comply with all requirements of the most current Occupational Health and Safety Act and corresponding Construction Regulations.

•Provide adequate education, training and equipment for employees to complete their work safely and effectively.

•Employ safe work practices at all times. Recognize and correct unsafe work conditions or practices when they occur or exist.

•Be open minded in our approach to new and progressive ideas to manage safety in the workplace and promote input from all worker levels.

•Make each and every worker accountable for his or her individual role and responsibility for safety; active participation and compliance with set standards are mandatory.

•Promote a team approach to encourage safety awareness, worker health, and a safe working environment.
SBC and its senior management team recognizes that all workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace, and everyone has the right and duty to refuse unsafe work.

It is the responsibility of all workers whether working directly or sub contractually with SBC to abide by our Health & Safety Policy. Any worker, including those of our subcontractors, who does not abide by the terms of our Health & Safety Policy, will be reminded of the rules and regulations. Workers not complying accordingly may be removed from the site either temporarily or permanently.

Safety must be a consideration in everything we do both in our work and personal lives. Working together we can ensure a safe working environment for all.
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